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                                                                                                                                  Kim Sheppard BTAA

Bowen therapy is a gentle and versatile form of bodywork, providing a truly holistic approach to healthcare, addressing not only the musculo-skeletal framework, but also the fascia, nerves and internal organs. 

A key element of Bowen Therapy is that it aims to balance the body as a whole, not just the presenting symptoms.

Precise, gentle Bowen moves  are made over muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves, stimulating the body to begin a healing and adjustment process.  It works to readdress misalignment of the structures in the body that can cause musculoskeletal breakdown, pain and injury. A Bowen Treatment can also access and address tensions that occur on a deeper physical level. When structural integrity of postural muscles is compromised, the whole system is compromised.

​The gentle moves on the soft tissue sends signals via your fascia and nervous system to change the tensions in the body, returning optimum levels of wellness and  restoring balance, as your body moves from the fight/flight mode, to rest/relax mode. In a more relaxed state of being, not only does healing begin, we are better able to cope with the stresses that inevitably occur throughout life; physically, mentally and emotionally.

​Several clients who don't have a specific issue they wish to address, choose Bowen Therapy to improve their sense of well-being in order to proactively manage their health.

​This gentle touch form of Body work means it  is suitable for all ages, from babies to the elderly, for acute injuries as well as chronic conditions and pain.


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