I have suffered with neck restriction and pain since a whiplash injury three years ago.  Neither Physio nor Chiropratic work helped very much, and what little relief I felt after each session was short lived.

A work colleague recommended Bowen Therapy to me and I’m so pleased she did.  Two sessions and I have much better rotation to left and right.  (I can’t believe how much I was compensating for the lack of movement).  I know I need to build on this for lasting effect and am looking forward to further improvement after the next appointment with you.

                                                                     Sarah H

Thank you so much Kim for helping our 18 year old son with his exam stress and anxiety.

Before Bowen Therapy he was sleeping poorly, constantly anxious and struggling to concentrate and revise, however after the Bowen treatment he became so much more relaxed and positive, was able to concentrate on his revision and had no further sleep problems.  We have no doubt that the Bowen Therapy you provided helped him to get through his exams. 


Kim, many, many thanks for your help as a Bowen Therapist in alleviating the sciatica I have suffered for the last three months.  It is a huge relief to free of the pain.

                                                                    Kevin M

‘I went to Kim for Bowen treatment after having had a long standing shoulder issue.  I could only spend a few hours a day typing before I would get pain radiating from my jaw, neck and shoulder making using the mouse difficult and uncomfortable   As my work requires me to spend long hours in front of my computer this was starting to cause a real issue.  I tried many things such changing the position I sat, buying a mouse mat with a cushion, elbow straps, force balls, doing shoulder exercises, even acupuncture, but nothing helped.  


I wasn’t sure what to expect from Bowen, but willing to give it a try, I was surprised during my first session with Kim how gentle and relaxing it was.  In my mind I had expected that Kim would concentrate on the area I was experiencing the pain, but after the initial consultation, Kim worked on different areas of my body.    That evening my body felt as if it had gone into a shut-down mode and all I wanted to do was sleep.  It wasn’t a horrid sensation, but I definitely couldn’t have gone partying for the evening!  

Kim gave me useful tips and exercises to do, which have also helped a great deal.

I had a total of four sessions with Kim over the space of several weeks, where Kim worked on different areas of my body.  The pain in my shoulder/neck and jaw has totally subsided and six months on from my first session with Kim, I have had no reoccurring symptoms.  


The biggest surprise for me was, at the time I went to see Kim, I was experiencing menstrual cramps, something that I have learnt to live with over the years, but would knock me off my feet for 24 hours once a month.  This is something Kim picked up on during the initial consultation and since having Bowen these cramps have subsided considerably, which I was not expecting and has improved my quality of life a great deal.  


I cannot thank Kim enough  and I can now spend my working day without being in pain and discomfort.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Kim for Bowen therapy.  

                                                              Yasmin W

Dear Kim

Thought you would like to know that my Sciatica is much improved. After last Wednesdays session I was fine all day but a few twinges in the evening and the same on Thursday but since all good. Hip and ankle good. Have had no need for painkillers since last Thursday evening.

Thank you so much. 

                                                             Ann Hills

I would very much like to recommend Bowen Therapy, and in particular Kim Sheppard, for treating  frozen shoulder.  I had suffered immense pain and discomfort in my right shoulder for three years and although I had been referred for eight sessions of physiotherapy by my GP, and had tried various massage types, the pain was still very much in evidence. I was reluctant to continue with anti- inflammatory pain relief, and a cortisone injection was not something I wished to follow up with.

After taking a full background history and body posture assessment, Kim explained how and why I was suffering from this debilitating pain.  She was able to identify a pelvic rotation and went on to explain how this impacted upon my shoulder.  It made such sense as I had felt discomfort through my hips but had ignored it simply because the pain in my shoulder was far worse.  Kim also asked about the ergonomics of my work desk, seating, computer use etc. etc. and suggested changes and modifications along with taking all important breaks away from the desk.

During the week after my first Bowen treatment my pain levels had decreased and I was able to lift my right arm to almost 90 degrees without discomfort.  The pain that was radiating down my arm and to my elbow was also easier. I had two more appointments each a week apart, by which time I was able to raise my arm to almost 150 degrees and the radiating pain had settled to minor discomfort.  Two more appointment, one a fortnight later and one a month later, has resulted in being able to raise my arm to a full 180 degrees without any pain or discomfort whatsoever and the radiating pain in my arm has also disappeared.  I can’t tell you what difference this has made, and can thoroughly recommend Bowen Therapy.


Thank you so much for getting me this far with my recovery.  I never thought I would feel this good again.

                                                                 Sue Davies

Bear Grylls regularly uses Bowen before and after every adventure he undertakes, claiming that Bowen has helped to keep his body together despite the continual bashing he causes it to go through. Furthermore he believes it’s a vital support in putting right a whole range of new aches and pains, as well as making sure that old injuries don’t come back to haunt him and to reduce growing levels of stress and fatigue.